Vacancies: foreign trade salesman (12 persons), male or female
1. Education: bachelor degree or above, better majored in international trade and English; adjust the education requirement for experienced applicants according to actual interview conditions;
2. Work experience: foreign traders with 1-3 years experience in foreign trade business, sale and order supervision, proficiency in e-mail skills, order supervision, product launch on network sales platform, familiar with trade terms; applicants with advertisement consumable trading experience preferred; applicants with exhibition experience preferred;
3. Foreign language: CET 6 (or BEC Vantage Level/Intermediate Interpretation) or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, capable of independently consulting with foreign customers and going on a business trip abroad; applicants understanding second foreign language such as Spanish and Arabic preferred;
4. B2B platform: capable of independently operating and optimizing Alibaba platform, and searching customers by Google and other network tools;
5. Strong patience and consistence, easy-going, good at communication and analysis, positive and optimistic, capable of bearing certain working pressure, high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

Business manager (supervisor) (5 persons) Bachelor degree or above, better majored in management, international trade and English;
Engaged in foreign trade sale for 3-5 years, experience in domestic and overseas exhibition, independently lead foreign trade teams; applicants with advertisement consumable sales experience preferred.
C&B: basic salary + team sales target commissions + performance + year-end bonusHolidays and festivals according to national regulations, 8-hour work, punctual vacation; work from Monday to Friday, rest on Saturday and Sunday; provide meal supplement and accommodation.
Steadfast two-times domestic and foreign group tour every year; collective dinner party for staff birthday every month;
Steadfast provision of training videos and books, steadfast arrangement of salesman training;
Steadfast arrangement of 2-5 exhibitions for salesman at home, and 6-10 exhibitions abroad;
Steadfast arrangement of lecturers for periodic guidance and training in the company;
Steadfast business analysis and experience exchange every week;
Development space: order supervisor – salesman – gold-medal salesman – business supervisor – business manager – assistant manager – general manager


ADD:Shanghai minhang district
TEL:021-67658146 OR 021-67732484
NAME:Miss Yang